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Render Online - Pricing & Discounts

RebusFarm - Your efficient render farm service for all 3D software! Thanks to our massive cloud computing power, you'll finish your render jobs within a remarkably short time via CPU or GPU rendering!





To render online with our CPUs we offer a price of 1.3 cent/GHzh. GPU rendering is offered for only 1.0 cent/OBh. Prices are regardless of the number of machines used. We only charge engine time and there is no minimum turnover. No costs for up- or download, not even data storing!

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Supported Software

  • Autodesk® 3ds Max | Render OnlineAutodesk® 3ds Max
  • MAXON Cinema 4D | Render OnlineMAXON Cinema 4D
  • Autodesk® Maya | Render OnlineAutodesk® Maya
  • Autodesk® Softimage | Render OnlineAutodesk® Softimage
  • Blender™ | Render OnlineBlender™
  • Next Limit Maxwell Render™ | Render OnlineNext Limit Maxwell Render™



The discount is automatically granted when buying RenderPoints. The more RenderPoints you purchase, the higher is the discount you get to render online - up to 60%.

 Amount (RP)DiscountCost (USD)You Save (USD)
STARTING AT 500 5% 524.12 27.59
  1000 10% 993.06 110.34
  2500 20% 2,206.80 551.70
  5000 30% 3,861.90 1,655.10
  10000 40% 6,620.40 4,413.60
  25000 50% 13,792.50 13,792.50
BEST DEAL 50000 60% 22,068.00 33,102.00


What exactly are RenderPoints?

Our RebusFarm currency to render online is called RenderPoints (1 RenderPoint = $ 1.10 ). You can top up your RebusFarm account by purchasing RenderPoints on our payment page. Remaining RenderPoints can be used for future jobs, as RenderPoints never expire.

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